TBM shield sealing WR 90 NewGeneration* First Filling of the brushes
WR 89 NewGeneration*
SL 89 NewGeneration*
Permanent sealing of tail seal
Condat Emergency Seal To be used in case of brushes damage
TBM Bearing sealing
& lubrication
HBW New Generation* Main bearing sealing compound
GR 217 EP* / GR 217 S EP* Biodegradable EP grease
GR 130 EP EP grease
CONDAT D* HFDU Hydraulic fluids
Ground treatment CLB F5 Range* Foaming agents
TFA Range Polymers & additives
F 11/M* Bentonite cake improver for
hyperbaric interventions
WT Range Water absorbers
CSi Range Viscosity improvers
Grouting & consolidation CONDAT A Stabilizer L*
CONDAT B Accelerator
Bi-component grouting
CONDAT Stab Range* Additives for ground


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